Sarah Walsh || Designer

Bridal Jewelry - made in Canada by Sarah Walsh

Hello and welcome to SW Bridal Jewellery! I'm Sarah, lead designer + studio owner. I feel so lucky to be living my dream. My passion is not only creating beautiful heirloom pieces for brides, but also connecting with so many wonderful women around the world.

Jewellery is only small part of your day, but I love knowing that you'll tuck away your pieces and cherish them forever. Every jewellery box tells a story, and it's an honour to represent such a special chapter of yours.

I first started dabbling in jewellery design while I was in my second year of undergrad (at UOttawa!). I was taking Psychology + Communication, but found myself lacking a creative outlet. As something fun and artistic to do, I began to study metalwork and gemology in my free time. I became slightly obsessed with design, and worked endlessly to perfect my technical skills. At this time I was also working two part time jobs, one of which was in the wedding industry - a magical little world that I also became fascinated with. When I graduated from university, I was so excited to be out of school. I finally had the time to focus on my designer dreams, and bridal fashion was the perfect place to land!

Fast forward to over a decade later, and the SW Jewellery Studio is based out of the vibrant and artsy Glebe neighborhood of Ottawa, Canada. I work alongside my team of makers, jr designers + stylists. We're on the second floor of an old heritage building, complete with exposed brick walls and creaky hardwood floors. We are here every day designing, making, shipping, and of course, meeting with local brides!

The SW collection is designed and made with precious metals, freshwater pearls, Swarovski Elements and gemstones. We handcraft every item with the utmost love and care. All pieces are made-to-order, then shipped to beautiful brides all over the world!

When I'm not at the studio, I love dance and yoga classes, thrift shopping, DIY projects, and relaxing with a big glass of wine! I live in the West end of Ottawa with my husband, Tyler, and little rescue Yorkie, Timmie. Speaking of Timmie, I also run a little side project to raise money for local rescue dogs. If you'd like to learn more, follow @timmieshouse on IG!